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Lava rock and Clay center bead_edited.jpg

NEW   Lava Rock With Clay Centerpiece

Black lava rock spheres have a centerpiece of a ceylon-hued handmade clay bead.  Each is separated with sterling silver accents and ceylon-hued Swarovski crystals.  Sterling silver clasp with onyx is the finishing touch.

Botswana Agate Necklace

This beautiful agate stone is from Botswana, Africa.  It is very unique in its coloring and also in how the stones were cut and polished in irregular shapes but all the same size  The agate beads are separated by 4mm amethyst Swarovski Crystals for a pop of sparkle and color that you will find in many of the agate beads.

See below for a Botswana Agate pendant which highlights the stone cur horizontally and shows the inside beautifully!

Botswana Agate Necklace_edited.jpg
clay bead on chain with tassel_edited.jpg

New   Clay Hand-Crafted Bead On Long Chain With a Mixed Chain Tassel

The beautiful muted, hand-crafted clay bead has a matte finish and lovely geometric shape.  Accented with sterling silver beads and a mixed-chain tassel, the bead hands on a long sterling chain for a total length of approximately 32" in length.

NEW   Botswana Agate Pendant

Depending on where and how you cut a stone, you will get a different look every time.  This is a beautiful slice of Botswana Agate that highlights all the different colors in the natural stone. Shaped in a circle and highly polished, the stone is set in a fine silver bezel and back plate and connected to sterling silver bail.  Sterling silver chain is 18" in length.  Pendant is 2" in length including bail.

Botswana Agate pendant_edited.jpg
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Murano glass leftovers_edited.jpg

NEW   Murano Beads & Swarovski Crystal Necklace.

 Murano beads purchased during a trip to Florence, Italy!  Mixed in color, shape, and style. Beads are separated by curved, gold-filled spacers and Swarovski crystal beads.  Gold filled toggle clasp to finish off the piece.  Necklace is approximately 24" in length.

Turquoise And Black Lava

Mother nature has presented us with two beauties here.  The turquoise is rich with black oxides which matches perfectly with the black lava beads.  All are accented with sterling silver wavy beads and a sterling silver oxidized and patterned clasp.

IMG_8204 mod.jpg
5 Circle Metal Clay on Chain_edited.jpg

NEW   Five Fine Silver Circle  Necklace

I created five fine silver spheres that are domed, hand shaped, and hand textured, in what I refer to as my "Sunburst" texture.  These are connected to a sterling silver chain  for a total length of 20" with a 2" extender.

NEW   Most Agate Pendant on Snow Skin Coral Necklace

This Moss Agate pendent is rich in color and so apply named.  I've combined it with these Snow Skin Coral beads for  contrast and to tie the beads with the hues in the bottom of the pendant.  The beads are separted with 4mm Laboradite beads and sterling silver spacers.  A swirl sterling silver clasp completes the piece.  (The photo shows the Skow Skin Coral beads lighter than in person with slight shades of pink not seen in the photo.)  The necklace is approximately 18" in length.

Moss Agate wit Snok=w Skin Coral full view_edited.jpg
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FS textured with blue cz on multi strand black cord_edited.jpg

NEW   Fine Silver Textured Pendant With Blue Sapphire CZ

The pendant is hand shaped and hand textured in fine silver and oxidized to highlight the pattern.  A 6mm blue    Sapphire CZ has been hand set in fine silver as well.  Pendant is on a black, 7-strand cable neckwire approximately 18" in length.  Magnetic twist clasp for secure closing.  The pendant is approximately 1.5" in length

NEW   Mexican Opal Pendant

Mexican Opal can be some of the most exciting opals in jewelry.  This photo highlights the beautiful colors ranging from light to dark blues, pinks, reds, and so on.  The stone is highly polished and set in a fine silver bezel, back plate and hidden bail on the back  A sterling silver 4mm beaded wire snugly fits around the setting.  Sterling silver chain is approximately 18" in length and the pendant 1" in length

Mexican Opal Pendant up close_edited.jpg

Snake Skin Jasper Necklace With Fine Silver Pendant With Hessonite Set Stone

By looking at the designs in the jasper beads it is readily apparent how they resemble the patterns of snake skin.  Thus the name, Snake Skin Jasper.  The necklace is shown draped over a shell I found on the beach and  I loved it's texture.  I made a mold of this texture and created a pendant from the mold in fine silver.  To highlight the colors of the Snake Skin Jasper, I set a 4mm Hessonite stone in the pendant.  Hidden bail on the back is also fine silver.  The necklace is approximately 18" in length and the pendant is approximately 1.5' in length.

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NEW   Turquoise Necklace With Fine Silver Pendant and Set Turquoise Stone

This necklace is made of turquoise chips that have a nice splash of black.  Sterling siilver beads are mixed in for a little "pop".  The pendant is fine silver, hand shaped and textured.  The pendant is also oxidized to match the earthy quality of the turquoise.  A 4mm turquoise stone has been set in a fine silver setting and the hidden bail is also fine silver.  Sterling silver toggle clasp finishes the piece.  The necklace is approximately 18" and the pendant is a little over 1 inch in length.

NEW   Fine Silver African Leaf With Embedded Pearl

Yes, this is actually made from a leaf I found traveling in Africa!  It is a one-of-a-kind piece as the actual leaf was coated with fine silver in multiple layers (dried in between each application) and then fired in a kiln at 1650 degrees for 3 hours.  The result is the texture remains from the original object, in this case the leaf, but the original material burns off in the kiln, leaving only the fine silver. After firing, I polished , embedded a pearl, and oxidized the "leaf" to highlight the natural texture.  On a sterling bail connected by a sterling ring then placed on 7-strand black cable with a twist-magnetic closure.  The neck wire is approximately 18" in length and the leaf is approximately 2.25" in length.

Just informed by the Gallery this item is SOLD. This item is one of a kind so custom order is not available.

Leaf from Africa with Pearl on multi strand close up_edited.jpg

NEW   Fine Silver Giraffe or Reindeer Pendant

Fine silver giraffe/reindeer pendant.  This is hand shaped and hand textured and a very special piece created after my trip to Africa where I was amazed by the graceful, yet fierce, giraffes.  I strove to make it my own with the depressions in the body and red porcelain eyes.

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