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Metal Clay bracelet with topaz connectors_edited.jpg

Fine Silver And Blue CZ Connectors

Each segment is made of fine silver and has a distinct pattern.  It's amazing what people will see in these patterns, such as a mermaid's tail. Sterling silver rings attach the segments to the blue topaz cz connectors for just the right amount of pop of color! I've tapered the end pieces to fit the wrist better and attached the sterling clasp.  Measurement is approx 7.75 inches

Jasper Bracelet

You'll love these jasper beads that have been faceted to show off the beautiful colors and designs natural to jasper.  Neutral shades so this can be worn with anything!  Approximately 7.5" in length.

SOLD at gallery.

Jasper bracelet.jpeg
Seed and bone bracelet_edited.jpg

Seed And Bone Bracelet

These beads are the outer shell of a seed pod highly polished and lacquered.  They are empty so this bracelet is light as air!
The beads are separated by 4mm beads of bone and gold filled spacers.  Gold filled clasp finishes the piece.  The length is approximately 8" but can be adjusted.
(photo shows beads darker than in na

Red Coral & Black Swarovski Crystal

Natural red coral in a more rough state has been paired with 4mm black Swarovski crystals and wavy sterling silver spacers for an exciting look.  Sterling silver toggle clasp finishes the piece.  Approximately 8" in length.

Red Coral Nugget Bracelet_edited.jpg
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Jens Pend.jpeg

Jens Pind Pattern Bracelet

The Jens Pind pattern is a spiral weave pattern that looks beautiful on the wrist.  I've made this in a small ring size so it looks delicate.  These are all sterling silver rings.  Length is approximately 7.5 inches long.

Mystic Laboradite Bracelet

Laboradite is one of the most amazing gemstones in that its composition allows multiple colors to be seen as the stone angles.  This bracelet is made up of graduated stones that are highly faceted and highly polished.  This faceting and polish highlights the flashes of color within.  You can see reds, oranges, blues, greens, greys, just in the picture itself!  The beads are separated by sterling round spacers and 4mm Swarovski crystals.  The bracelet is approximately 8" in length.  

SOLD at gallery.

mystic laboradite bracelet_edited.jpg
tribal bracelet_edited.jpg

NEW   Wooden "Tribal" Bracelet

This bracelet is a mix of brown wooden beads highlighting the contrast but showing how they all go together.  The larger brown beads have a high finish for a gloss look, while the smaller round wooded beads have a natural finish for a matte look.  Small chips of natural red coral have been added for a pop of color.  Sterling silver clasp has been added.  Approximately 8" in length but can be adjusted.

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