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Fordite ring_edited.jpg

NEW   Fordite Ring

Ford, yes the car company, has begun sharing its layers of paint found on hanger walls, railings, etc.  By chipping it off, and then having "cabochons" created, these layers can now be made into jewelry! This was a new and exciting item at the largest domestic gem show in Tucson, AZ.  This ring is size 8 with a wide band of fine silver.  Fordite is set in fine silver as well.  Cabochon is approximately 1.25" in length.


Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic.  It is the embodiment of the tranquil sea and sky with the shades of blue and streaks of white.  This is a very sweet setting for this 12mm larimar stone of really good quality.  Fine silver band and table, sterling silver gallery wire setting.  Size approximately 7.5

larimar ring.jpeg
Botswana agate ring_edited.jpg

NEW   Botswana Agate Ring

SOLD AT GALLERY:  Beautiful Agate from Botswana, Africa!  Colors are muted but still highlight the range within the stone.  Ring is a size 8 with a wide, fine silver band.  Stone is set in fine silver and is approximately 3/4" in diameter.

Matching pendant and necklace are also available.

NEW   Mexican Opal Ring

Beautiful Mexican Opal always shows great "flash" within the stone and this ring is no exception.  As light hits the stone, colors within will flash brightly as if bouncing from one spot to another  Ring is set in fine silver on a wide fine silver band.  Great geometric shape for an even more unique look.  Stone is approximately 1" long at it's longest side.  Band is size 8.

Mexican opal ring_edited.jpg
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